Eric Drooker

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kurz einige Stichpunkte zu seinen Arbeiten:

* hat seit 1994 zahlreiche Cover/Beiträge fürs „New Yorker“ Magazin gestaltet.
* Gestaltung von Plattencovern u.A. für Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine, …But Alive,
* 1994: Winner of the American Book Award
* New York Times: notable book of the year
* Los Angeles Times: fiction prize finalist
* In 2006, the Library of Congress acquired original art for Flood!, including preliminary drawings, sketches and cover paintings. The complete Flood! Archive is housed in the Prints & Photos Division of the Library of Congress.
* In 2010 a major motion picture about Allen Ginsberg, starring James Franco, was directed by two-time Academy Award-winners Epstein & Friedman, who hired Eric Drooker to animate the poem. Howl: A Graphic Novel visualizes the poem—stanza by stanza—with animation art Drooker designed for the film. ( Howl! was 29-year-old Allen Ginsberg’s first published and most known poem.
* im kommenden Juni * 2013 absolviert Eric Drooker eine Gastprofessur an der Hochschule für Bildende Künste Saarbrücken.

He lectures widely on a range of subjects, and his slide presentation is a favorite event at colleges, museums, and universities.
Examining the language of art and sources of creative inspiration, Drooker explores his early years as a street artist in New York City, through a memorable series of images which trace the evolution of his graphic novels into animated films—and from his cover paintings of The New Yorker, to his slow infiltration of the mainstream.

Eric Drooker is a third-generation New Yorker, born and raised on Manhattan Island. His paintings are seen on the covers of The New Yorker and in The Nation, Village Voice, Newsweek, and the New York Times’ Op-Ed Page. He is the author of :
FLOOD! A NOVEL IN PICTURES (New York Times’ Notable Book, American Book Award, 1994)
ILLUMINATED POEMS: in collaboration with Allen Ginsberg.
Drooker’s work as a lyrical novelist is delivered without words, inheriting the mantle of Frans Masereel, the great practitioner of the graphic novel, a politically engaged Belgian Expressionist whose works began appearing shortly after World War I.
Art Spiegelman said in the New York Times, “The idiom [of the novel in pictures] has been favored by socially and politically impassioned artists, and Mr. Drooker…is firmly in that tradition.” FLOOD! takes place in the dehumanizing world of a Biblically punished New York; BLOOD SONG moves from a pastoral world to a modern metropolis, exploring the role of the individual in nature and society. Andrew Arnold wrote in TIME magazine, “Eric Drooker’s elegiac, spiritual, and political Blood Song has no current peer. Written in a language that anyone can understand, exploring themes of universal interest, Drooker continues Masereel’s profoundly democratic artwork.”
Allen Ginsberg collected Drooker’s work for over a decade before initiating a collaboration that included HOWL in its entirety. ILLUMINATED POEMS unites visionaries of different generations. As Ginsberg wrote, “I was flattered that so radical an artist of later generations found the body of my poetry still relevant, even inspiring … Drooker’s old Poe hallucinations of beauteous deathly reality transcend political hang-up and fix our present American dreams.” They still do.
* A complex, dream-charged vision of alienation in the wet, mean streets of New York City, where primal, natural urges are suppressed in the lonely isolation of crowds. It’s a picture of a soulless civilization headed toward the apocalypse. It’s a poetic and lyrical novel—told virtually without words . . . Mr. Drooker has discovered the magic of pulling light and life out of an inky sea of darkness.“ —Art Spiegelman, The New York Times Book Review