tcwtga 029 * Tubers – Shell Out LP/CD

* co-released with Bakery Outlet Records * St. Augustine/ USA

Rich Diem * Singing and Guitar
Jeff McNally * Bass and Singing
Jacob Hamilton * Drums and Singing

listen to:   Late Bloomer


1. Ambulance
2. The Other Half
3. We Are All Very Very Frozen
4. Artificial Essence
5. P 52
6. Dine On The Process
7. I Seem To Be A Verb
8. Schooner Than Later
9. Melodica 1
10. Aren´t We Clever
11. Late Bloomer

bio :
Tangible things break. They are instruments to help you along your way not intended for an end. Tubers knows this as well as anybody: their instruments break on them as though habitually, paths are rerouted like clockwork, and vehicles with the best intentions and cleanest burning fuel do not go. This is only a reminder there are more important things to sing about-the tangible mark we leave behind, how we define ourselves in real and inebriated ways, addictions, the spaces we make in our community, and those that pave our way. Tubers is a power trio. Three parts more fully equalized in this second album. They once played in Twelve Hour Turn and The South. They try to stay in the green room. They are credited with being the first and only surf-emo group but would like to be thought of as a punk band.

Tubers are a three piece band from St. Augustine, Florida, comprised of members of Twelve Hour Turn and The South. They play punk rock that is immediate, thoughtful and affecting, which will doubtless be appreciated by those who enjoy early DC hardcore, and bands like the Wipers. This record really grooves!

Lenny * Solid Pony

review :

Tubers combine the angular melodies and creative songcrafting of Twelve Hour Turn with the honesty and youthful insurgency of The South! Heavily influenced by early DC bands such as Rites of Spring, Dag Nasty, and Gray Matter, the Tubers create exciting new music that is accompanied by thoughtful, poignant lyrics. Just plain awesome! For fans of rooted vegetables, frontside airs, and Florida springs. – Ryan Murphy (No Idea Records, True North)

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