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1. work for the city
2. some bite/some bitten
3. no kind
4. praline
5. act like a pantry
6. cousins
7. all of these igloos
8. how to beast
9. winter’s got my coat
10. red crust ow
11. ailing ale
12. knit stems


JAN … is the new project of Kim Talon, formerly of Los Angeles duo Eagle & Talon. Now based in Brooklyn, Kim recorded the self-titled 12-song album with John Goodmanson (Blonde Redhead, The Gossip, Sleater-Kinney) in Seattle’s London Bridge Studios and has assembled a live band featuring Chloe Saavedra (Smoosh) and Melinda Parks (Har Mar Superstar).
JAN … kommen aus New York und sind im Ursprung ein neues Projekt initiert von Kim Talon nach Ihrem Umzug aus L.A. ins hippe Brooklyn. Nach einer ersten Europa Tournee mit Eagle and Talon kommt Kim Talon nun zurück um JAN einem Publikum hier vorzustellen. Art-Rock der musikalisch von Blonde Redhead zu Sleater Kinney zu Les SavySav-esken Passagen und zurück pendelt. Manchmal für die Tanzfläche, manchmal als Ohrwurm und manchmal als persönliche Aufarbeitung eines privaten Gefühls. Mit Andeutungen von No Wave eines Arto Lindsay, Pop Elementen der B 52s und der fragilen Melancholie PJ Harveys, wird diese neue Platte am Ende aufgefangen vom Art-Punk der Breeders.

have a look:  Work For The City

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’Work For The City’ begins with Talon’s ethereal, chorallike vocals before switching gears and heading in a shoegaze-y, grunge direction with a touch of riot grrrl.“
„Paper Magazine“
Solo projects that sound like a fully formed post-grunge girl band? Color us listening. Kim Talon, formerly from Eagle and Talon, is releasing a self-titled debut album for her new project JAN. Named after a disturbed bartender in Los Angeles who Talon found fascinating, JAN is a riot-grrl descent into her psyche. She has created a rough and volatile sound, like sandpaper drenched in honey. Talon’s uneven vocals and heady garage band noise is a welcome respite after too many albums that sound either over-produced or consciously fuzzy. There’s something sonically ’90s about JAN’s combination of distortion, intimately raw lyrics, and half-smirk attitude. Maybe it helps that the producer is John Goodmanson whose other projects include:
Blonde Redhead, The Gossip, and Sleater-Kinney.
“Winter’s Got My Coat” features a violin, but still focuses mainly on dirty guitar noises. The stand-out song on the album is “All Of These Igloos.” It’s more minimalistic and vulnerable, allowing Talon to emerge full-bodied from behind the foreboding noise. JAN’s self-titled debut reminds us of The Raveonette‘s sensual melancholia, yet her soprano voice never allows it to become tiring or overwhelming. Instead of a wall of noise that crescendos and decrescendos into your earholes, it’s the inconsistencies and spaces in between that make this album distinctive.
„The Owl“
JAN, aka KIM TALON, releases her self-titled debut album. With riot grrrl-infused vocals, fuzzed out guitar lines, and blissed out grunge rhythms, JAN is a genre-straddling album that packs a mean punch. Known for being the latter half of Los Angeles’ art-rock band EAGLE AND TALON, Kim, now Brooklyn based, is joined by CHLOE SAAVEDRA (SMOOSH) and MELINDA PARKS (HAR MAR SUPERSTAR) ) when performing live. The album was produced by JOHN GOODMANSON ((Blonde Redhead, The Gossip, Sleater-Kinney) in Seattle at London Bridge Studios. “Work For The City” opens the record with a frenzied guitar line setting the stage for theatrical vocals. “Red Crust Ow” immediately breaks into dueling post-punk guitar while “All Of These Igloos“ is a melancholic song with a sweet melody led by simple piano plucks. The distorted guitar and running bass of “How To Beast” build to an explosion of growling vocals. Having collaborated with Reggie Watts and toured with Sia & Obi Best to name a few, Kim Talon’s talent explodes into the forefront on her new solo foray. JAN will be on tour in Fall 2012 and early 2013. „Artlessly jagged post-punk that’s got fun in it even when it’s being serious.“
Village Voice“