tcwtga 035 Massenger * same title CD

* co-released with Gunner Records

1. Power to the PPL : 02:06
2. List of Demands : 02:31
3. Night Night Zero : 02:17
4. Fula Colónense : 02:54
5. Red Handed : 04:24
6. Envious One : 01:48
7. Catastrophe : 02:17
8. Goldmine : 02:40
9. Tallboy : 02:37
10. Fat Cat : 03:14
11. Muñeca : 03:52


listen to: Fula-Colónense

Sasha: Vocals
Seth Pettersen: Bass/Vocals
Bryan Russell: Guitar
Michael Gleeson: Drums/Percussion


MASSENGER is a four-piece American, garage-pop band based in Ventura, California, featuring vocalist Sasha Green, bassist/vocalist Seth Pettersen, guitarist Bryan Russell and drummer Michael Gleeson. Members of Massenger have also toured internationally in bands
such as Glass & Ashes (No Idea Records), Franklin For Short, La Sera ( and
The Spires (Beehouse Records).

A native Panamanian, Sasha Green sings in both English and Spanish. The band formed out of a demo that Seth and Sasha recorded in their garage in October 2011. The raw collection of songs sparked enthusiasm from fellow musicians and friends, Michael and Bryan, who ultimately have helped define Massenger’s sound. The five-song demo quickly made it into heavy rotation on local radio station 89.7 KSSR, and the band plan to record their first full-length album in the Spring of 2013.
Influences: The Nerves, X, 60’s garage rock and the sounds of Motown.
Key tracks: ‘Catastrophe’ and ‘List of Demands