listen to: Vampire Lessons

forgetters are:
Blake Schwarzenbach: words and chords
Michelle Proffit * bass and keyboards
Kevin Mahon * drums

forgetters as we are, so shall we be. In the spirit of national historical amnesia, the scrappy, enormous Brooklyn band continues its mission to master its immediate moment through the occlusion / collapse of events prior and subsequent. Originally touted as a “9/11 denier hoax,” the group went on to surprise even itself by losing its mind on its tragic-glorious 2011 European tour.

Surviving members Kevin Mahon (Against Me!) and Blake Schwarzenbach (Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil) went to Baltimore, Maryland, in late 2011 / early 2012 to record this eponymous full-length with J. Robbins.

The idea of a late summer european tour, following the release of its album, in what it has called “Dubai or Death.” is under discussion and debate. Lets see if august is a good time to make it happen!