tcwtga 008 * Experimental Dental School – Hideous Dance Attack!!! LP

Jesse Hall – voice, guitar-o-bass
Shoko Horikawa – voice, keyboard
Ryan Brundage – drums

listen to :   Hideous Dance Attack


tracklist :

1. Taco Chakra
2. KKKFC Serves Sparkily Squirl Meat
3. The Deer Love Heavy Metal
4. She´s My Ike
5. Hideous Dance Attack
6. Mayonaise Volcano, Ketchup Cave
7. Some 4
8. Meyowch
9. Knife Throwers Intern
10. Tractor Loves To Shuck Some Cows

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reviews :
From the opening unpredictable beats of „Taco Chakra,“ Oakland, California’s Experimental Dental School takes listeners on a wild ride through their perverse bass, drum, and organ sensibilities. Performing on something called guitar-o-bass, guitarist/vocalist Jesse Hall leads the trio in an instrumental attack with unique swagger. Drummer Ryan Chittick commands attention with frantic drumming, while Shoko Horikawa’s playful organ adds a light flare to the drama. The band also uses a wide variety of samples and unique objects turned into musical instruments, as well as live performance props. The wonderful discord on songs like „She’s My Ike“ is sure to cause confusion, which is surely the band’s goal. By rewriting the formula, the trio creates a sonic atmosphere similar to a carnival. On the disc’s title track, the lively organ and Hall’s most outrageous vocals on the disc meld as one into a remarkably unsettling force. While many band’s experimental arrangements are often unlistenable, Experimental Dental School <>, with their debut album, Hideous Dance Attack!!!, create a chaos that is somehow compelling. While there is rarely a toe-tapping beat, it is easy to understand why the band’s music sends their fans into hysterics at their live shows. The punk rock angst of „Mayonaize Volcano, Ketchup Cave,“ the roller coaster Zen of „Meyowch,“ and the swirling upheaval of „Tractor Loves to Shuck Some Cows“ round out the listed tracks. A frantic bonus track completes the jolting listening experience.

„providing the evolutionary link between Deerhoof and Devo, and sweeping up the Talking Heads in the process, EDS
kick up a furious racket over the 10 tracks of Hideous Dance Attack!!!. “
— Matt Fink, Skyscraper Magazine

„Like many, if not most bands from the area, Oakland’s Experimental Dental School don’t quite fit in with any other
bands. “ — „The band’s full-length debut, Hideous Dance Attack!!! was recently released to excited, if not baffled critical
— Dusted Magazine

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