tcwtga 013 * the World/Inferno Friendship Society – Me vs. Angry Mob MCD

1. Me Vs. Angry Mob
2. Cats Are Not Lucky Creatures
3. Leni Riefenstahl At The End Of Time
4. Brother Of The Mayor Of Bridgewater
5. Paul Robeson
6. Fiend In Wien

listen to: Cats Are Not Lucky Creatures

Based in the borough of Brooklyn, New York, the nine-member World/Inferno Friendship Society has been bringing its unique ensemblage of speedy, danceable, cabaret-esque punkety madness to the world for three years. Two LPs and 5 singles (U.S. and international releases) along, the group has toured both the States and Europe twice and will embark on the next european advanture very soon. Fiery, energetic and powerful, the World/Inferno´s liveshowhas the deservedly given reputation of „hot-to-be-missed“ and a „life-changing“ event.