tcwtga 023 * Lake Me – Solace LP

1. War Hymn
2. Sisters Song
3. Blind Assault
4. Fireglow
5. Another Ride
6. Authority Calls
7. My Love
8. Hit and Run
9. Night
10. Manhands
11. For Lovers

listen to: Another Ride

What others have said:

„When i purchased ‚Solace‘, the latest release from the Lake Me girls, I knew instantly that between the two layers of recycled cardboard, would lie an absolute stunner of an album. And god was i right. Bringing every ounce of the raw, pure, and powerful adrenalin from Lake Me’s live performances, this album will rip out your heart and really make you bleed. With classics like „Sisters Song“ and „Hit and Run“, combined with some of their newer material, there is a selection which will accommodate every emotion known to man. I find myself amazed that one guitarist/singer and a drummer can compile such a full and unique sound, both on the stage and in the studio. Nathalie (Guitarist/Singer) has jumped at the chance to show off the astonishing range, depth, and quality of her voice by adding some perfect harmonies throughout each of their songs, and Lucy (Drummer) is an equal match, providing some tight and edgy beats that will send shivers down your spine. Often you will hear a second, subordinate melodic line driving through the weeping riffs of Lake Me’s music. No, this is not a second guitar, or a bass. This is simply the style that Nathalie treats her rather attractive Fender Jaguar to. Amazing. This album will teach you a lot about yourself, it truly is tailor made, perfect music.“ – Future Killed Cassettes

Wunderbarer Indiefolk mit bezaubernden Female Vocals, die Ladies aus Manchester bewegen sich irgendwo zwischen PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star und My Bloody Valentine, vielleicht noch reduzierter und minimalistischer, in jedem Fall ebenso charmant. Tolle Platte! „Flight13“