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ENIAC are:
Florian Brandel – drums
Manuel Wirtz – guitar
Stephan Day – bass
Martin Rudolph – voice, keyboard

ENIAC war eine deutsche Hardcoreband aus Hamburg, die von 1999 bis 2006 existierte. Die Band bestand aus Martin Rudolph (Gesang), Manuel Wirtz (Gitarre), Stefan Day (Bass) und Florian Brandel (Schlagzeug). Ihr Abschiedkonzert fand im Hafenklang (Hamburg) am 9. Dezember 2006 statt

…What sets them apart from those faceless clones who would give what´s left of their souls for a little bit of fame, is that ENIAC do their tours and their records the DIY way – not out of necessity, and not because they couldn´t play in the indie rock major league, but because this is what works best for them. And the DIY circuit (or the underground rock scene in general) simply is so much more exciting than what you see on the music television channel of your choice.

…ENIAC sit atop a fountain of energy. It’s always difficult to put your finger on the exact ingredient that makes a recording sound so full of life and energetic, but it’s something you always recognize when you hear it. So yeah, ENIAC are a lively prospect who don’t allow you to sit still while they play. At the very least, your finger is going to be tapping … rapidly … „Stay Fun“

Think Shotmaker playing Robocop Kraus songs while the Strokes and the (I)NC watch from their backstage rooms just to see who´s stealing the show. Throw away the key and let those boring and predictable bastards rot in hell. The future belongs to ENIAC. „Glow In The Dark Magazine“

ENIAC are back on the scene cranking out some splendidly wonky art-punk with an album chock-full of erratic, danceable goodness. Undulates, surges and splatters like day-glo vomit on the dancefloor, making me think of Milemarker, Brainiac, the Faint, endless sugar highs and greedy fistfuls of brightly-coloured prescription medicines. Highly-sexed, hip-shimmying, fuck-punk that a multitude of androgynous, hollowcheeked, mopheaded finks would be spilling their collective beans over if this band were American and being photographed gadding between hipster shindigs with troubled c-list celebrity girlfriends in tow. From the broken funk of the guitars, to the schizophrenic vocal ejaculations and right on down to the lurid artwork that features the disturbing image of a cartoon man whose mouth has been replaced with a tight, puckered bumhole, this is fun of the rudest possible kind. „Collective Zine“

… ENIAC’s latest contribution to the vital European punk/hc scene experimenting with plain Rock’n’Roll and not straightforward music that might sound weird to unexerienced music lovers but grows on you the more you let it enter your forehead … „Enough Fanzine“