Jo Snyder

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releases on thecompanywiththegoldenarm :

>>> Sixty Stories/Painted Thin split LP
>>> Sixty Stories – Anthem Red LP/CD
>>> Anthem Red – Dancing On The Dishwasher LP/CD
>>> Jo Snyder – Eulogy EP


After playing in Winnipeg punk bands for over a decade, touring Europe, Canada and the USA with her bands, Snyder has gone solo. A debut solo tour saw her touring Europee in 2007, march/april 2010 and she will be back in september 2010. There might be some of you out there still remembering her Bands (Sixty Storiies and Anthem Red), two of the most amazing bands growing out of the Winnipeg Punk/Indie scene. Snyders work is all build around chummy friends like John K. Samson (Weakerthans, Propagandhi), Todd Kowalski (Propagandhi, I Spy), Paul Furgale (Painted Thin, Sixty Stories), Stephen Carroll (Weakerthans, Painted Thin) und Chris Hannah (Propagandhi). . Snyder was and still is one of the most incredible singer-/songwriter coming out of that scene. Her songwriting has matured with age, as has she, and can be compared to a plugged in Lucinda Williams, or maybe somewhere between Canada´s beloved Julie Doiron and Billy Bragg. If singing about family and grief were a metaphor for a Union and love, which they are not. It’s hard to say what everything will sound like long term, but you can expect Raymond Carver-esque lyric writing, increasingly smooth vocals, little bits of organ and piano here and there, and lots of friends jumping in to join her. Charming singer-songwriter ballads about how to survive in a world that seems unfair most of the time; realizing at the same time that there seem to be too much hope for the better to simply give in. Thats what Snyder’s work is all about. It could be described as a stripped down amusement somewhere between Johnny Cash, John K. Samson, (acoustic) Cardigans combined with Snyders distinctive voice we remember from her old bands. Perfectly low-fi and with an incredible, disarming honesty. Leaning more towards balledesque songs than sweet, over-the-top folk pop, she still believes in her punk roots and keeps them as the life-changing experience that Punk can be. Shes writing these sweet, deep ballads about struggling in a world that is partly cruel, funny, absurd and/or more or less built for the prosperous, well doing people around. With a release of a new seven-inch record on her indie label „the company with the golden arm“ Snyder will be touring europe again in september 2010 with an option to move to Berlin after touring and stay for a couple of months. Being on tour with an acoustic and an electric guitar she keeps her live appearances entertaining but simple and charming. Though now a Winnipeg transplant in Toronto, Snyder still carries with her that unique and well-loved Winnipeg sound.