tcwtga 018/019 * the World/Inferno Friendship Society – Red Eyed Soul LP/CD

1. Brother Of The Mayor Of Bridgewater
2. The Velocity Of Love
3. Your Younger Man
4. Only Anarchists Are Pretty
5. Let´s Steal Everything
6. Annie The Imaginary Lawyer
7. Me Vs. The Angry Mob
8. Hothouse Flowers
9. Paul Robeson
10. Me And The Mad Monkettes
11. Please MY Favorite Don´t Be Sad
12. Friend in Wien
13. Jerusalem Boys
14. The Devil´s Ball
15. So Long To The Circus

listen to:: Brother Of The Mayor Of Bridgewater

World/Inferno Friendship describes themselves best: the World/Inferno Friendship Society are a gang, not a band. Coming from all walks of life, numbering well into double digits and ranging from 17 to 33, this is a buch of boys and girls you might walk across the street to avoid. Almost as much brass as attitude, a full three drummers, that guitar noise the kids enjoy so much, all riding atop of whirling piano. Plus a singer in a shiny green suit. SHINY! Circus Music, vaudeville Punk, the riot act with a nice swing beat. It´s all there in spades.“
Well, they left out the part about mass destruction, red wine, and general bellingerance, but you get the idea?

15x wilde Punkrock-meets-Orchester Party! Die New Yorker waren mit Szenelegende Don Fury im Studio (wie die da alle reinpassen?), um einmal mehr zu versuchen, ihre einmalige Mischung auf Tonträger zu bannen, was im Vergleich zu den furiosen Liveshows aber nur bedingt gelingt.Der perfekte Soundtrack zum Halloween-Fest, wild und überdreht, kabarettistisch und humorvoll. “Flight13″